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As New Year resolutions are being made across the globe, sales of a new series of "brainwave CDs," designed to help you drop bad habits, have rocketed.

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The "Brain Evolution System" is a brainwave meditation program, created to help release bad habits, achieve goals, raise energy levels, boost creativity, and increase thinking speed. So far in January, its sales have already quadrupled.

Talking about the increase, co-creator Lee Benson commented: "The sales boost is great news, but it isn't surprising. People want something that can help them change - fast. The Brain Evolution System is such a tool."

The Brain Evolution System is a 6-CD audio program which uses specialized sounds to influence brainwaves, putting you into a state of peak performance - helping you to drop bad habits and achieve your goals.

The program is based on over 150 years of research, and was developed by brainwave entrainment pioneer, Michael Kelley.

Since its public launch in November 2008, the Brain Evolution System has attracted over 16,000 users from across the globe. Its fans include industry leaders such as Mark Joyner (, Bob Bly ( - and even David Riklan (, who called it "one of the most powerful self-development tools on earth."

One self-development leader, Karl Moore (, star of The Meta Secret movie, was so impressed by the project - that he recently invested $400,000 to help further the publicity of the program.

Speaking as a regular program user, Moore commented: "This is the ultimate New Year resolution fix. Listening to the CD once a day puts your mind into a real state of peak performance. It feels outstanding. You can't understand it until you've tried it yourself!"

The entire 6-level brainwave entrainment program is currently available as a 21-day trial, and each purchase comes with its own 7-month, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In addition, the official website is currently offering two month's supply of its mind-sharpening supplement, Acuity, when ordering.


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