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- Renegade Talk Radio welcomes Naked News anchors, the bodacious Michelle Pantoliano and the hunky Jeremy Chase on Thursday, September 2nd, 2004. Jeremy will be featured on Queer Nation at 1pm PST and Michelle will be heard on Scotch and Water at 4pm PST. Call in live, toll-free at 866-473-2170 with questions, comments or opinions. The forum is open; callers 5a8 can ask anything. On Renegade, nothing is taboo.

Renegade Talk Radio (www.renegadetalkradio.com) continues to make a dent in cyberspace with their brand of true cybershock radio. Still an infant in the industry, Renegade Talk Radio has visitors from over 50 countries and the international audience is growing every day.

NakedNews.com, the first all nude Internet news program, has over 6 million unique monthly visitors from 172 counties. It includes Naked News TV! - a weekly, Pay-Per-View and specialty cable television program currently available to 33 million homes and 1.4 million hotel rooms.

About Renegade Talk Radio

Renegade Talk Radio broadcasts 14 hours of live programming daily, offering edgy and provocative political, religious, sexual and alternative content designed for listeners who believe in the First Amendment and value free speech. Renegades goal is to create a repertoire of blasphemous, coarse, vulgar, lewd and irreverent talk radio programming that tests our constitutional freedoms and challenges the FCCs crackdown on "broadcast indecency".

Renegade features "The Morning Cybersickness" with Raunch Foxxx; "O'Zone" on "Queer Nation" with Petey'O and Jenny'O; "Blunt" with Caroline and Rich; Scotch & Water" with Travis and A-Ron; and Johnny Nightmares Open Casket." I 5a8 n "The Morning Cybersickness," Raunch Foxxx joins the hallowed, shock jock pantheon of Howard Stern, Mancow and the other greats. "Queer Nation" parades gays, lesbians and variations thereof. With Blunt," Caroline & Rich say it like it is, airing political, social, and entertainment industry dirty laundry. On "Scotch & Water," Travis and A-Ron plumb Generation Y to new depths of tastelessness. Johnny Nightmare and his co-host Creepy Carter on Open Casket" are two dudes you wont bring home to Daddy, exploring the dark, macabre underworld of vampires and Goth culture.

Renegade joins Fox, Viacom, the Recording Industry Association of America and millions of other who believe the FCC's actions reflect a radical shift in policy representing an unconstitutional limit on freedom of speech and a new "tyranny of the minority."

The First Amendment rocks! No holds barred. No FCC.

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