With Miami hosting the ASHA Convention from November 16th - 18th , the awareness of noise induced hearing loss is ever growing. Now is the time to fight back against this growing problem. Ingemi Corp has been proactive in their approach by inventing the iHearSafe Earbuds.

The researchers have released their volume guidelines which iHearSafe Earbuds supersedes. Over 100 million mp3 players presently sold do not have the "guidelines" on safe listening built in. iHearSafe Earbuds can resolve this by replacing the factory earbuds with iHearSafe Earbuds. Many other audio devices also exceed the safe listening guidelines that also can benefit from the iHearSafe Earbuds.

The iHearSafe Earbuds feature enables a user to have the capability of reducing the volume without concern of a "guideline" to use or parental controls to be downloaded. Nothing more needs to be done than to plug the iHearSafe Earbuds into the audio product and the volume is automatically limited to safe levels no matter how high the volume is turned up.

The value comes in many forms with iHearSafe Earbuds. The price is lower than most specialty earbuds, yet is a one of a kind product. The sound is not so loud that a child would not be able to hear their surroundings safely, including on coming traffic or even someone calling them. Also, by only listening at a safe level kids are training their ears to continue to listen safely throughout life and the value of one's hearing is priceless, therefore of much greater importance.

iHearSafe Earbuds are the only "safe volume" earbuds that cannot be circumvented that are available. They are a specialty product who's time has come and have been proven a true need through research on noise induced hearing loss from mp3 players.

iHearSafe Earbuds has transformed the idea of how to protect against noise induced hearing loss from loud audio tech products such as mp3 pl 00004000 ayers, video games, cell phones, computers, and portable dvd players, by being proactive. iHearSafe Earbuds limit the volume to never exceed 80 decibels. They are the only earbuds that meet the ASHA, OSHA and NIOSH volume guidelines that indicate hearing loss can begin at volumes of 85 decibels.

iHearSafe Earbuds have been tested by Board Certified Audiologists to confirm their dB SPL and their Frequency response, proving their performance of quality sound at a safe limit volume.

iHearSafe Earbuds have patent pending technology that cannot be circumvented. No other earbuds or headphones have fulfilled the need in this market. The media has shown the public interest and concern over noise induced hearing loss from mp3 players. iHearSafe is versatile for all audio devices. iHearSafe Earbuds resolves the problem by limiting the volume at the earbud regardless of how high the volume is turned up on any audio device, never exceeding 80 dB.

iHearSafe Earbuds have been tested and have documented reports by Board Certified Audiologists. iHearSafe Earbuds have been displayed along with these reports that were distributed at the Noise-Induced Hearing Loss In Children At Work & Play the first national convention.

Ingemi Corp is a finalist in New England's Interface Tech News "Hot Products -- Cool Company" competition. Ingemi Corp has been congratulated on being favorably considered in the first round of the (NH High Technology Council) NHHTC Product of the Year and is being asked to make a presentation to the panel to determine the finalists. They have been featured in various tech magazines and newspapers. They are getting interest from all over the globe and are leading the charge with their innovative new invention.

Simply replace any earbuds with iHearSafe Earbuds and protect kids hearing for life!

Available online at www.iHearSafe.com

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