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New technology adds recreation and fun to your exercise routine. The StairCycle is the first true stair climber" powered bicycle that can be used by adults and children -- indoors or outdoors. Inventor from Scottsdale, AZ sells nationwide via website. Adult bike priced at $795 and childs at $595. See video clip at

StairCycle can be used indoors or outdoors. Ridden like a bicycle for fun and transportation, the addition of the 'trainer allows it to be used indoors. The company believes that this feature is important because it allows an exercise regimen to be continued even in inclement weather. The indoor trainer is available for both the childs and adult size StairCycles.

Over the past 30 years, many people have tried to design stair-step type bicycles. I have examples of many failed attempts in my bicycle museum," said George Lin, founder of Pacific Cycles, one of the most respected manufacturers of bicycles in the world. StairCycle is the first device to truly work with independent treadles, smoothness and efficiency. I am certain it will be a worldwide success."

StairCycle has many advantages in both recreation and exercise over traditional bicycles. Riders appreciate the natural motion of stair-climbing and avoiding the discomfort of a bicycle seat," said Craig Ridenhour, CEO. Although it is easy to ride with its 8-speed internal gearing, it still gives a better workout than a normal bike in the same amount of time."

StairCycle is built with quality and durability as the highest priorities. It has a superior quality aluminum frame, incorporates a caliper front brake and a rear drum brake. One of the most unique features is the Shimano 8-speed (3 Speed in childs model) internal rear-gearing hub. This rear hub is far superior to typical derailleurs with open sprockets requiring constant adjustment and cleaning. Even though is much more expensive, our focus is on quality. This hub is fully sealed for protection from the elements and requires virtually no adjustment," explains the inventor, Mr. Ridenhour. A patented lockdown device holds the treadles in the down position for easy mounting and dismounting.

Childhood obesity is a public health epidemic in America. Kids need exercise along with a good diet for proper weight control and bone development. StairCycle provides exercise while having fun," states Ridenhour. Kids of all ages love StairCycle because it is unique and fun to ride and unless they enjoy it, kids wont take the time to exercise."

The creation of inventor Craig Ridenhour, StairCycle is now being produced and sold by StairCycle Innovations®, LLC of Scottsdale, Arizona. The company believes that the primary market for StairCycle is to those people that want an exercise device that they can use and enjoy on a daily basis.

The company will begin initial shipments of StairCycle in April 2005 with plans to distribute the product through direct television advertising and bicycle and exercise equipment shops nationwide.

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