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Townsville’s beer lovers will soon be able to help save the Reef while they’re at the bar, by diving into a new brew called Beeramundi. The new beer was named as part of a competition held in partnership between Reef Check Australia and the Townsville Brewing Company.

Reef Check Australia is part of the United Nations official community-based coral reef monitoring organisation. Reef Check Australia’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Roger Beeden, said that the competition was designed to raise community awareness of the threats to our coral reefs.

“We asked people to come up with a name, and a slogan for the beer and an educational concept that would help make Reef conservation into a conversation topic,” Mr. Beeden said.

“We were very pleased to get more than 100 entries, and some really great ideas,” he said.

The name ‘Beeramundi’ was the brainchild of Eion Howe. The judges were particularly impressed with ‘Beeramundi’ as it relates to both the highly prized estuarine Barramundi and the protected Barramundi Cod found on the Reef. The artwork for the beer shows a Barramundi Cod peering out of the label.

A team effort by Dean Miller, Alana Grech and James Moloney was responsible for the slogan “Saving the Reef one beer at a time”. And Johnston Davidson was the winner of the educational concept part of the competition, with his idea to feature a Reef quiz on beer coasters, with questions on one side, and the answers on the other.

Beeramundi will be available on draught from Friday the 21st of April at the Brewery, Flinders Mall Townsville. The prizes will be presented at a public launch at the Brewery at 8pm on April 21st. Beer and Reef enthusiasts can support Reef Check simply by enjoying a Beeramundi from Townsville’s own microbrewery. Financial support will come in the form of a percentage profit donation from each Beeramundi that is sold.

Full details of Reef Check’s June training courses, tax deductible donation status and research opportunities can be found at

The Beeramundi artwork is available for media. For more information contact Roger Beeden on 0404 330859

Background information

Reef Check Australia is part of the United Nations’ official community based coral reef monitoring organisation. The global network covers 82 countries. This unique community awareness raising competition was run in partnership with the Townsville Brewing Company.

Competition: More than 100 entries were received from a wide cross section of the Queensland community. The competition was designed to raise community awareness of issues currently threatening global and local coral reef ecosystems. The object of the competition was for community members to think up a name, a slogan and an educational concept for a new specialty beer being crafted by the Townsville Brewing Company.

Priceless: The Great Barrier Reef is a priceless ecological, cultural and economic resource on Queensland’s doorstep. Whilst the value of reef resources may not always be obvious to the local community, the Reef is directly responsible for attracting an estimated 1.2 million tourists and backpackers to the region every year. In addition, large numbers of domestic and overseas students choose to study in Townsville and Cairns specifically because of their proximity to the world’s largest living reef ecosystem. North Queensland’s hospitality and tourism industries directly benefit from this influx of potential customers, providing employment for more than 50,000 people. Reef fish are also a vital resource for Queensland’s commercial and recreational fishers. Reef Check Australia is committed to local reef conservation activities. Over the Easter break our volunteers will be surveying coral damage on the fringing reefs around the Palm Islands caused by Cyclone Larry.

Why beer? The aim was to stimulate community discussion about the “value” and global significance of conserving the GBR for future generations. The Townsville Brewery is one example of a prominent local business that recognizes the value of its proximity to the reef. The ultimate aim is to ensure long term reef sustainability by encouraging and supporting participation in Reef Check’s programs.

The winners: The judges would like to commend all the entrants on the high caliber of their entries. The thought and variety of entries highlighted the GBR’s importance to the local community and regional economy. The winning entries in each of the three categories were selected by a panel of four judges.

Winning Name: "Beeramundi” – Eion Howe

Winning Slogan: “Saving the reef one beer at a time” – Dean Miller, Alana Grech and James Moloney

Winning Educational Concept: Coasters/leaflets containing key reef questions on one side and answers on the reverse – Johnston Davidson

The Q&A’s will be focused upon facts about current threats to the GBR including climate change, water quality and over fishing. The materials will also promote actions that we can all take to minimize these threats and maximize reef resilience.

Community Benefits: In addition to the benefits of increased awareness and debate the new beer offers the opportunity for the community to directly support Reef Check whilst relaxing with their friends. Reef Check is the ONLY community based organisation that actively trains local people to participate in monitoring the health of the GBR. Our next full time and part time training courses start in June. For full details please call 07 4724 3950 or visit

“Community participation is the key to promoting a sense of stewardship and a duty of care for the marine environment.” Australia’s Ocean Policy

The launch: the new brew will be available on draught from the 21st April at the Brewery, Flinders Mall Townsville. Reef Check Australia invites all our friends and supporters to come and sample this unique new wheat beer whilst we present the prizes at 8pm on the 21st April. Now you can support Reef Check simply by enjoying a “Beeramundi” from Townsville’s own microbrewery. Financial support will come in the form of a percentage profit donation from each “Beeramundi” that is sold.

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