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Personal Life Mediaâ„¢, Inc. (, publisher of free audio programs, advertising-supported podcasts and blogs with lifestyle content for people on the leading edge of culture, announces guest line-up of sensuality innovators. One of the company's fifteen weekly shows, "Expanded Lovemaking" explores a fusion of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge practices about intimate relationships through interviews with leaders in sensuality.

Experts include Margot Anand, world-renown leader of Tantric sexuality and author of 5 books, Ian Kerner, PhD, FAACS and author of "She Comes First" and "He Comes Next," and from France, Daniel Odier, meditation teacher and author of many books and translations including "Tantric Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love."

"Expanded Lovemaking," hosted by Patti Taylor, PhD, author of the definitive book on sensual energy offers interviews with authors, experts, and real-life practitioners in this specialized category of human sensuality. Through guided discussion, listeners learn to share the bliss they've dreamed of with their partner - every time they're together. It's a profound path that stays fun and rewarding for those who want it all: Prolonged intimate sessions and also the love, intimacy, mental stimulation, and energetic connection many couples so deeply desire.

Patricia Taylor, PhD, is the leading teacher of the practice of expanded lovemaking in the world today and her studies in this field extend over twenty years. She makes regular media appearances, has published two books, has produced a full-length sex education video, and has led countless classes and "playshops". Her work has touched the hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits of tens of thousands of explorers.

Listeners will discover an accessible collection of eclectic and effective teachings. Every week new, action-oriented techniques and inspiring suggestions will be offered. Both male and female matters are discussed to help singles and couples develop their capacity for greater levels of intimacy. Recent research and ancient practices such as Tantric and Taoist techniques are explored. Everyday people who practice these expanded sessions are also on the show, sharing their experiences and sensations so listeners can hear from a wide variety of people about their unique journey.

This weekly audio show and podcast and the companion blog delves deeply into work of the practitioners at the leading edge of human sensuality breakthrough through the expert guidance of the show hosts. "Expanded Lovemaking" and all shows on the Personal Life Media network are available on the website, through leading podcast directories, in iTunes, and on iPods and MP3 players. Companion content is also available on the blog network.

Listeners can:

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Current and Upcoming Guests include:

Margot Anand, Founder, SkyDancing Tantra and Author

Drs. Steve and Vera Bodansky, Authors

Erwan Davon and Alicia Bayer, Founders, The Pleasure Course

Anton Diaz, Founder, Sexy Spirits

Gary Douglas, Founder, Access Energy Transformation and Author

Ian Kerner, PhD, Author

Daniel Odier, PhD, Author

Gary Schubach, EdD, Founder,

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD, Author and President, Secret Garden Publishing

Ray Vetterlein, Pleasure and Relationship Coach

Ina Laughing Winds, M.A., M.F.C.C., Educator of Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Teaching

Sheri Winston, RN, LMT, Wholistic Educator & Counselor, Nurse-Midwife

"The freedom of the Internet is opening up entirely new domains of expression and communication", said Patti Taylor, PhD, host of Expanded Lovemaking. "My topics won't be played on your AM/FM morning drive. So my listeners will be hearing exciting new information never aired before, from experts in our field. We'll also hear from everyday people who are putting this information to into their lives, and to excellent use, too!"

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