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WhatsApp Inc. has recently developed the long awaited application that allows Apple iPhone users to share their mobile availability status with one another. WhatsApp is now available free of charge via the iPhone App Store (

"This application modernizes mobile communication. It takes all the guess work out of reaching your contacts," said Jan Koum, CEO and founder of WhatsApp. "This concept has been around for a while, and thanks to Apple, we are finally able to apply the idea to smartphones."

WhatsApp has the same user interface as the iPhone address book and requires no registration or passwords. Users can set their status, view the status of others, create a list of favorite contacts, and make calls directly from within the application. WhatsApp comes with preset status options but can also be customized by the user. The status can be set to expire after a certain time and contacts are updated when a user's standing changes. To get more information about WhatsApp, please visit

About WhatsApp Inc.

WhatsApp Inc. is based in Silicon-Valley and became incorporated in April of 2009. Founder and CEO, Jan Koum, is a nine year veteran of Yahoo! The idea for WhatsApp Inc. came to Jan after his gym banned the use of cell phones. He grew frustrated with the constant missed calls during his work-outs and took it upon himself to find a solution. WhatsApp Inc. revolves around the idea of creating a smarter address book in hopes to eliminate poorly timed calls. The company's key differentiators are simplicity of product use and the utilization of a familiar interface. WhatsApp is the company's first iPhone application. New versions are already being developed and will be compatible with other smartphone platforms such a 00004000 s the Blackberry.

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