Is NCSA Athletic Recruiting Network a scam

The National Collegiate Scouting 1963 Association (, the nation's leading collegiate scouting and recruiting education service, today announced a partnership with TAKKLE ( , the leading social media site for high school sports.

Through this partnership, NCSA will provide exclusive recruiting advice and content within TAKKLE's robust suite of social networking tools In addition to showcasing their athletic skills, connecting with teammates and rivals through the TAKKLE forums, throwdowns and community engine, athletes will have the opportunity to receive a free video evaluation from the NCSA experts. NCSA experts include Bob Chmiel, former Recruiting Coordinator at the University of Michigan and Notre Dame with over 25 years experience in collegiate recruiting and Randy Taylor former Director of Football Operations at the University of Illinois, University of Minnesota and UCLA.

Prospective college athletes can also have their recruiting related questions answered by NCSA scouts, read training blogs, and watch professionally produced instructional content on the do's and don'ts of the recruiting process. Finally, TAKKLE athletes will have the opportunity to register for the NCSA scouting program, to further increase their chance of playing at the collegiate level. The NCSA scouting program currently supports thousands of athletes in meeting their recruiting goals and is relied upon by over 35,000 college coaches every season in assisting them with recruiting the best possible athletes for their programs.

"We are thrilled to have TAKKLE as our exclusive online platform," said Chris Krause, Founder and President of NCSA. "TAKKLE's market leadership, robust social media platform, and pre-eminent set of strategic partners will allow NCSA to better educate student-athletes. By leveraging TAKKLE's reach and technology, we can better engage and communicate with high school students interested in college athletics."

"We are very excited to announce this partnership," said David Birnbaum, President and CEO of TAKKLE. "NCSA's services and content provide real value to our users, many of whom have aspirations of continuing their athletic careers in college. We're excited to work with the leading provider of recruiting services in the country and thus addressing one of the key needs of our user base."

About NCSA:

The National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA) was founded in 2000 by Chris Krause with a two-pronged mission: To provide a means for college coaches at every level to find the recruits best suited for their programs and to educate high school student athletes and their families about the college recruiting process in order to assist student athletes in maximizing their Collegiate Recruiting Potential.

Since 2000, NCSA has grown quickly to be the leading collegiate recruiting source for more than 35,000 college coaches across the country. NCSA's experienced scouting team helps student athletes gain acceptance to the collegiate program that best fits their needs.


TAKKLE is the leading social media site for high school sports. On TAKKLE, high school athletes can showcase their athletic ability, track and compare their stats, connect with teammates, scout rivals, and share videos and photos with their teammates and opponents.

TAKKLE offers advertisers and marketers the ability to strategically target an engaged audience of high school athletes and fans. TAKKLE's investors include Wasserman Media Group LLC, Greycroft Partners LLC, Jack Schneider, Managing Director at Allen & Company, Inc., Sports Illustrated, IJ Smith Enterprises LLC and the New York City Investment Fund.

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