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Calisto Medical, Inc. (CMI) has successfully completed its first round of funding. Dallas-based Scientific Health Development, Ltd. (SHD) has joined the founding investors, Dr. Vahram Mouradian and Mr. Zareh Baghdasarian.

The funding will support further research and development and the first industrial prototyping of Glucoband, CMI’s flagship product. Glucoband is the first truly non-invasive portable blood glucose monitor that measures, records and continuously monitors blood glucose levels in the human body.

“We have a lot of expectations and excitement regarding the future development of Glucoband. We’ve looked into the product and the results achieved so far, and we believe that this is the technology for the 00004000 future,” says Carter Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of SHD.

Prototypes of Glucoband have been hand assembled for pre-clinical testing. An internal pre-clinical trial using several prototype versions of Glucoband has been conducted, in which measurements taken by Glucoband successfully corresponded to those of a conventional (commercial) invasive device.

The first commercial prototype units will be released and subsequently used in clinical tests in compliance with ISO 15197 in early 2007. Soon after, CMI expects to start pilot production of Glucoband for commercial distribution.

“Glucoband,” says Founder and CEO of Calisto Medical Inc., Dr. Vahram Mouradian, “is designed to appeal to the growing and secure market of users of glucose monitors, who, till now, have endured painful or inconvenient testing rituals. With Glucoband, calculating such vital information is as simple as wearing a wrist watch”.

Along with commercialization of Glucoband, CMI will continue research in the field of non-invasive telemetry and possibly express diagnostics based on bio-resonance (BR) phenomena. Several products have already been identified as highly marketable and promising.

CMI will be presenting the latest prototype of Glucoband at the 66th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association on June 10-13, 2006, in Washington D.C.

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