IRIS Distribution, a leading digital media distributor today unveiled at Midem the earBuzz WWX program. This unrivaled service places music on international digital retail portals including iTunes Music Store, AmazonMP3, Napster, Rhapsody and eMusic as well as enabling direct-to-fan physical and digital commerce. The service is launching with Sam Ash, the largest private music retailer in the nation.

logoSam Ash CEO David Ash commented, "earBuzz WWX offers the best way for independent artists to distribute their music on-line, and helps musicians widen their audience quickly and effectively. Also, like Sam Ash, earBuzz offers musicians the best possible deal. We are proud to be associated with earBuzz and to help expand the market for independent artists."

In addition to digital distribution, earBuzz artist members can sell physical product from earBuzz.com as well as through Flash widgets for direct-to-fan sales. Artists receive a dedicated webpage URL and earBuzz's editorial staff reviews each album.

"earBuzz has become a one-stop site where artists can get their music on the finest music sites in the world at the best rates in the industry while earning a true 100% on sales at the home earBuzz site," says Don Kimenker, founder of earBuzz.com. "We are excited about our new relationship with IRIS Distribution and the innovative earBuzz WWXX program we've created together."

"IRIS is proud to power earBuzz WWX," said IRIS Chief Marketing Officer, Bryn Boughton. "We look forward to working with earBuzz and Sam Ash to offer the most affordable and comprehensive digital distribution package available for independent artists."

earBuzz.com, LLC pioneered returning 100% to music artists and is a California corporation. It was founded on Independence Day, 1999 and has offices in the San Francisco Bay and Philadelphia regions. It is family-owned and operated by artists for artists. For more information, contact Don Kimenker, founder, at 925-344-4825, or email musicfreedom (at) earbuzz (dot) com.

Founded in 2003, IRIS has emerged as a leader in the digital distribution and marketing of prominent independent music and video catalogs. IRIS provides a comprehensive suite of technical, marketing, and legal services, helping clients navigate the ever-changing digital marketplace. The company also provides support though BlinkerActive, it's dedicated marketing division. IRIS boasts a strong roster of leading independent labels from all genres and distributes to over 450 digital outlets around the world. More information can be obtained at www.irisdistribution.com and www.blinkeractive.com

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IRIS Distribution

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