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The best selling property in Costa Rica, Hacienda Matapalo, recently topped $43 million in sales, announced David Matluck, the project's CEO. Costa Rica real estate is extremely appreciative, and buyers will soon have the opportunity to invest in the highly sought-after Hacienda Matapalo, as phase II residences will soon be made available at pre-construction prices. Hacienda Matapalo began releasing several new villages in its phase I condo and home pre-construction a few months ago, following a successful meeting by the Minister of Tourism.

Hacienda Matapalo EntranceLocation, location, location is the key to a successful real estate launch, and this was the initial driving force to choose the locale of Hacienda Matapalo:

Location: Nestled in a rainforest, on a mountain overlooking the Pacific where the mountains meet the sea.

Location: Frontage on Pacific Coast Highway. This area has not developed due to horrific roads - the road is now being paved.

Location: Infrastructure, new international airport, hospital and the largest marina in Latin America are a short drive.

"An award winning architect who understands how creating an environmentally friendly structure that blends and compliments the rainforest has been a key to the success of Hacienda Matapalo," Matluck says.

The pristine 665 acres of Hacienda Matapalo have been conserved by coupling a low density formula of small building footprints with 125 acres set aside for a dedicated nature preserve. Monkeys, Blue Morpho butterflies, birds and sloths share the waterfalls, lakes and lush rain forest with their transported neighbors from North America.

Horseback tours of the property have driven sales in the pre-construction stage, and the equestrian center will have a full stable of horses available to travel either the trails on the property or a gallop to the beach club to enjoy surf and sun. Working out in the expansive gym or enjoying a relaxing massage at the spa has motivated quite a few purchasers to take the plunge into the infinity pools at Hacienda Matapalo.

Amid North America's housing and mortgage gloom, investors and second-home buyers are finding that the sun is still shining brightly at Hacienda Matapalo, which has become one of the country's most sought-after destinations. The rental income of the condos, villas and homes will generate returns that make investing the proverbial no-brainer.

Appreciation in Costa Rica real estate has averaged in excess of 30 percent per year over the last decade, and pre-construction appreciation at Hacienda Matapalo has been substantially higher to date. The current property tax rate of 0.25 percent allows more of the bottom line profit to go where it belongs (in the buyer's pocket).

IRA and 401ks have become decimated with the collapse of the stock and real estate markets in the U.S. This factor has enticed many people to use their retirement funds to purchase at Hacienda Matapalo. Hacienda Matapalo is considered a tax-deferred/exempt entity investment vehicle and is not subject to penalties. There are more social security checks being sent to Costa Rica than any other location outside the United States.

For more information about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in Costa Rica real estate, make sure to attend Hacienda Matapalo's eSeminar on Thursday, March 12, 2009, 6 p.m. (EST) "Why is Hacienda Matapalo the Best Selling Property in Costa Rica". For further information, visit http://haciendamatapalo.com/.

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