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Las Vegas, NV, (PRWEB) February 2, 2006 –- Move over Brokeback Mountain, USA based manga publisher Yaoi Press is putting their own spin on cowboys in love with their Wild West graphic novel Stallion.

Though Stallion is a very different story than the popular motion picture Brokeback Mountain, Yaoi Press founder Yamila Abraham admits she couldn’t resist capitalizing on the similarities between the two.

“We think it's great that our cowboy yaoi release coincides with the Brokeback Mountain movie,” says Abraham. “Stallion may be a different sort of story, but if Brokeback Mountain has given people a taste for unconventional romance, they'll definitely find Stallion appealing."

Abraham defines ‘yaoi’ as: “Stories of men in love with men for mostly women readers.” Yaoi Press borrowed their theme genre from Japan where it’s been hugely popular for several decades. Yaoi has recently gained a foothold in the United States.

In Stallion the Native American title character seeks revenge on Bill, the cowboy who ruined his life. He has competition from Josey, another of Bill’s victims. Stallion and Josey eventually join forces to exact their revenge. They form a strong bond throughout the story, since both suffered a similar horror at Bill’s hands. This bond unexpectedly leads to romance. Each copy of Stallion includes a sheet of color stickers featuring the main characters.

Stallion is illustrated in the Japanese ‘manga’ style which is appropriate for yaoi graphic novels. It’s created by KÔSEN, a highly sought after art studio from Spain. KÔSEN’s other publication, Saihôshi the Guardian, has already broken Yaoi Press sales records through its preorders on

About Yaoi Press

Yaoi Press was founded in 2004 and has published nearly a dozen yaoi manga graphic novels. Unlike other major publishers of the genre, Yaoi Press does not reprint imported manga from Japan, but produces their own original English language yaoi manga. They tailor their books not only for their core female fan-base, but for gay men as well. Yaoi Press titles are distributed by Diamond Book Distributors. For more information, please visit


Size: 5”x7.5”

Pages: 192, b&w

Rating: Mature Readers 16+

ISBN #: 1-933664-04-5

Street: July 24, 2006

SRP: $12.95

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Author Information

Yamila Abraham