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A two-minute movie called 'A Better Way of Life' is a funny take on the industrial films of the fifties that starts with a seemingly pompous narrative about man's dream for a better life. In the movie, an American couple in the bedroom faces their biggest marital problem of the modern age: noise.

According to a 2001 U.S. Census survey, 11.8 million households said street or traffic noise was bothersome. An additional 4.5 million residents said it was so bad they wanted to move. People exposed to noise pollution experience sleep deprivation, anxiety, hostility, depression and hypertension. In children, it results in slowed learning.

The movie was created by a group called NoiseOFF: The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution. Founded in 2004 by Richard Tur, the group was started to deal with the tremendous noise pollution in his neighborhood in Queens, New York. "We have citizens, elected representatives, law enforcement professionals, educators, researchers and activists from the United States and abroad in our group," said Tur.

"Our goal is to ban car alarms, boom cars and hot-rod muffler pipes on all vehicles. By raising public awareness that noise pollution is a serious problem, we can show people how to legislate on all levels of government," Tur said. "We also promote effective law enforcement by educating police departments that noise pollution is a serious urban blight."

Noise pollution has become a national epidemic with the growth of the automotive aftermarket industry. The biggest sources of noise pollution includes screaming car alarms, deafening boom cars, loud motorcycles and hot-rod exhaust systems. "Americans can't sleep at night in their own homes," said Tur.

Car audio companies such as Pioneer Electronics brag about how much noise their equipment makes, with slogans like: "Disturb, Defy, Disrupt, Ignite." JBL uses the slogan: "Either we love BASS or hate your neighbors," and Cerwin-Vega Mobile Audio's slogan is, "Shake the living, wake the dead." The promotion of boom cars and hot-rods on cable television and men's magazines inspires punks to ruin their own community.

Determined citizens are stepping up to the plate and lobbying their legislators to pass stronger laws and demanding that local police departments enforce noise pollution ordinances. Said Tur, "We are working to empower Americans afflicted with noise and show them how to organize."

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NoiseOFF: The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution, is an advocacy group working to reduce the blight of noise pollution in America and abroad. For further information, please visit

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