Breej Bump Zapper Skin Repair and Brightening Cream

BREEJ Technologies, a leader in advanced Shaving Bumps Products announced today that CVS/pharmacy has initiated distribution of its second-generation shaving bump products for severe bumps and damaged/darkened skin -- the BUMP ZAPPER Severe Bumps Kit and Skin Repair & Brightening Cream at ethnic CVS/pharmacy stores throughout the United States and online @

“We are very pleased that our very effective and fast acting BUMP ZAPPER Severe Bumps Kit and Skin Repair & Brightening Cream are now available at ethnic CVS stores throughout the United States and online @ so all shavers dealing with severe shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, "back of the head" bumps can now have easy access to our Revolutionary Shaving Bump Products” noted Dr. Aloy Anaebonam, BREEJ Founder & Chief Scientist.

About Shaving Bumps

Shaving Bumps [also referred to as ingrown hairs, pseudofolliculitis or pfb plague over 10 million men of color in the United States and more than 300 million men of color worldwide. Shavers of other ethnic groups also suffer [to a lesser degree from shaving bumps, razor burn; bikini bumps and shaved legs bumps.

About the BREEJ Anti BUMP System

At BREEJ, we examined the Shaving bump problem and postulate a new hypothesis that “shaving bumps are primarily caused by trauma from shaving, resulting in inflammation of the shaved area manifested as "bumps" as the body reacts to the trauma, compounded at times by infections and the reaction of irritated melanin cells." explained Dr. Anaebonam, Developer of the BREEJ Shaving Bump System & Holder of 12 US Pharmaceutical Patents.

BREEJ disagrees with the widely held view that Shaving Bumps are caused by "ingrown" hairs - wiry, curly hairs that curl and grow back into the skin." This concept of "ingrown hairs" has led to a lot of poking & probing of the shaved area with tweezers etc often aggravating the problem. BREEJ discourages this practice as the additional trauma can lead to infection, hyper pigmentation and significant skin damage.

Dr. Anaebonam continued, "Improper shaving and improper and/or inadequate soothing and conditioning of the shaved skin are mainly responsible for shaving bumps and razor burn."

Dr. Anaebonam concluded: “Smooth, bump-free skin is all about - taking care of existing bumps and damaged/darkened skin, followed by cleansing, lubrication of the area to be shaved, proper shaving and adequate soothing and conditioning of the shaved area. BREEJ offers FREE unlimited shaving tips and guide by phone, email or standard mail."

The BREEJ BUMP ZAPPER Line is a multi-active, multi-mode cleansing, soothing, healing, fading, conditioning and revitalizing system based on active natural extracts and is the result of an unprecedented scientific collaboration that involved seven companies in the United States, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Men and women of all ethnic groups dealing with shaving bumps can use the BREEJ BUMP ZAPPER products regardless of the way they shave.

BREEJ develops and markets advanced cosmetic products and collaborates with world-class international partners in product development and package design.

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